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More About Lorlin

About Us

We have been manufacturing since 1961 and are best known for our range of low power rotary switches and key lock switches. We have distributors all over the world, with many of our products being specially designed to meet our customers unique requirements.

All About Lorlin

Switch Design

If you have a new concept for a switch we will create a 3D CAD model and will use modern rapid prototyping materials to produce working samples.

Design Modification

We regularly modify our products to meet customer requirements. Our tooling is constructed to allow for different options and we can often achieve a new variation without long delays. Some of our products can even be changed to a different specification by the end user.


Every product is tested and we have a library of past endurance tests. In addition to standard electrical and mechanical tests we test for sealing, impact resistance and breakdown torque. Our quality systems are approved by BSI and many products carry a specific electrical approval mark.


Our recent product developments include switches made from plastics with very high flammability resistance for use in household appliances and a high quality rotary switch with a smoother turning force for audio equipment.


Since 1961 we have been producing a wide range of electro-mechanical switches which are used in a variety of applications all over the world. You probably already use a Lorlin switch in your home or workplace.


Many of our products are unique and we have made them available on every continent. See our Distribution page for details.